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Why Use?

  * Use the on-line HBC tool to find clients and employees along with their dependents, beneficiaries, benefits and much more.

  * Use the various Ben Admin features to manage your book of business on-line with speed, accuracy and efficiency.

  * Audits, transaction audit trails, and powerful query reporting come with the standard package.

Risk Reduction

Price Performance

Competitive Advantage

Generate Revenue

Reconciliation Elimination

We have loaded key functions into our Standard Features so when you incorporate into your business, you will begin to work smater and more efficiently, differentiating yourself from the competition (see how on the left).

A standard subscription provides:
  1) On-line Benefits Administration capabilities for you (the broker) and each of your clients
  2) Our Broker Interface / Quote Engine for carrier product and rate comparisons
  3) Access to many Enhanced Features of business applications providing solutions to your clients
  4) Participate in our User Group where you provide input on the website's capabilities.

As shown below:
  The Ben Admin feature provides several criteria to locate an employee (visit our Demo Website
for a guided walk-thru).
  The Navigation Panel illustrates features that apply to your entire book of business.
  The Employee Action Buttons illustrate features that apply to the employee record being displayed.
  Navigation links and Action Buttons are added as optional features (like enrollment as shown) are added.

Training guides and wizards cover everything you need to operate the system efficiently.

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