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Why Use?

Features listed below build power and value to you, your organization and the clients that you serve.   Each one is stand alone and can be used in any combination that you might need.

On-line Enrollment

ACA Reporting

HR Functions

Systems Integration

Payroll Integration

Eligibility Engine


Sales Tracking

Everything you need to quickly become a true Solution Provider is included with our Enhance Features. Click on each features to the left and learn more!

Having a subscription to gives you access to and special pricing on a number of additional enhanced / optional features that your clients may benefit from having.   By providing these features you solidify your position as a Solution Provider to each of your clients.

Enhanced / optional features are all part of an integrated HBC solution.   We simply activate a feature for your entire book of business or for an individual client firm.

The best thing about enhanced / optional features is that they can keep a client with you (barrier to exit) and be a source of revenue for your business.   Our pricing provides plenty of room for you to add a nominal fee and still beat any competition in the industry.

Our goal is to have you think of us as an extention of your business, your I/T staff.   We will do everything in our power to address your needs in order to achieve this goal.

With each subscriber / partner, we listen, clarify, then design, test and implement solutions that meet the needs of the members.   Together we will grow the features to meet additional needs as the environment of our business continues to change.

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